Confessions of a ‘Slut’

I’m not ashamed of who I am but people constantly try to tell me I should be. That I should try to change myself to fit their ideal description of a woman.
To hell with all of them. It takes a lot of courage to write the way she has and I support her one hundred percent!


by Aarushi Mahajan

When I joined college, I fit perfectly into the stereotype of a girl from GK-2. I had lost 12 kg before coming to college – starved myself, puked constantly, and gone to the gym – was waxed from head to toe and wore branded clothes (from Sarojini). I decided my outfits a day before and scoffed at those who still used their NLUD bags. I barely spoke in public and was slowly given the label of a ‘bimbo’. I can still remember when we were called to the third floor to ‘interact’ with our seniors. They made us sing this cheer:

“Oh my god, I think I need a manicure,

The sun I swear is burning up my gorgeous hair.”

We did it multiple times and the seniors called me in front of the other girls, made me do it alone and asked them to follow me…

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